Tailgate Chairs and Low Back Pain

Attending a tailgate before the game can be lots of fun, but your seat choice may ultimately irritate your back. In today’s post we’ll discuss the relationship between soft folding chairs and pelvic tilt as well as offer suggestions for improving your seating game!

The Relationship Between Folding Chairs & Pelvic Tilt

Normally, we can control the angle of our pelvic tilt. If picturing the pelvis as a bucket full of water, an ideal neutral pelvis would not spill any water from the front or back. An anterior pelvic tilt is formed when arching your lower back, as if pouring water from the front of the bucket. A posterior pelvic tilt is formed by rounding your spine, where water would pour from the back of the bucket.

Don't Let Your Tailgate Take A Toll On Your Back

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Why Soft Folding Chairs Cause Low Back Pain

Soft folding chairs often throw our pelvis into a posterior pelvic tilt which over time can stress soft tissues that support and stabilize the spine. If planning to sit in a folding chair for a prolonged length of time, inserting a firmer seat cushion provides a better base and makes it easier to achieve a neutral pelvis. Another trick involves placing a towel roll where the seat back meets the seat pan and positioning the roll so it rests under your ischial tuberosities or “sit bones”; this will naturally encourage an upright posture and your pelvis to tilt forward in a more neutral position.

“Slouching” in soft folding chairs promotes a posterior pelvic tilt that can irritate the back. Using a firmer seat or sitting on a towel roll encourages a more neutral pelvis and upright posture.

Enjoy the Benefits of Physical Therapy

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If your tailgate takes a toll on your back this season, make an appointment with one of our therapists to get you back in the game!

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