Our Team

Let us guide you through your journey to a better life.

At BRPT, we’ve experienced and seen success with PT/OT time and time again. You can trust you’re getting the expert care you need—we’re specialists of the whole body, with more board-certified therapists than any other out-patient facility in the state.

Regardless of what physical ailment you’re experiencing, we have a specialist ready to help put you on a path toward reaching your fullest potential. Even your doctors and surgeons trust us for their most difficult and complex cases.

We’ll set clear plans and expectations for your road to recovery, so you’re never in the dark about how we’re helping to alleviate your limitations.

While each staff member of the Baton Rouge Physical Therapy family has their own focus and specialties, we all hold a set of shared standards and beliefs. They include:

  • Building a family-like community to offer a solid foundation for connection and healing.
  • Long-term solutions achieved by teaching the mental, physical and emotional experience behind your limitations or pain.
  • Compassionate care that connects how your body moves (biomechanical science) with how your brain works (neuroscience).

Unsure of what to look for when searching for a therapist?

Learn how to find the right therapy for you directly from our experts!