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Despite the name, tennis elbow is a painful condition that is relatively common even among patients who do not play tennis. Tennis elbow can cause pain and tenderness and prevent patients from continuing their sports or physical activities as well as prevent them from working especially if their job involves persistent motion of the arm, wrist, or elbow. Regardless of your limitations, physical therapists are very helpful in reducing pain and improving mobility for patients with tennis elbow. 

What is Tennis Elbow 

Tennis Elbow is a condition caused by strain on your tendons in your forearm that results in pain that can spread anywhere from your elbow down to even your wrist. The strain can be caused by sports, jobs, or even hobbies that require repetitive motion of the arm and wrist over long periods of time. The injury earned its name due to its frequency in tennis players who overuse the muscles in their forearms. The condition can make it painful to do simple daily tasks like opening a door, holding a cup, or cutting vegetables. 

Effectively Treat Tennis Elbow 

Tennis Elbow can be easily treated with a physical therapist and at home methods. Physical therapy can be a useful tool for evaluating your range of motion and the severity of the condition as well as finding the best ways to help decrease the strain on your injury. Additionally, a physical therapist can help you gain strength and mobility through exercises and stretches that will help you even after your injury has healed. Along with a physical therapist, Tennis Elbow can be treated with over the counter medications and rest to help with any remaining pain. It is important to get treatment for Tennis Elbow to prevent the possibility of surgery or irreparable damage. 

Find The Right Solutions For Tennis Elbow 

Tennis Elbow can be a painful condition and the healing process can be long and difficult but Baton Rouge Physical Therapy is here to help. We provide premier care to Baton Rouge, Denham Springs, and the surrounding areas. Whether you are in recovery from Tennis Elbow and looking for ways to strengthen your muscles and regain mobility or whether you are looking for relief from the pain, Baton Rouge Physical Therapy has a professional and caring team who are ready to guide you through recovery.

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My pain was so bad it was impacting my running and making my training very difficult and painful. With their help I was able to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon! I am so thankful to all the staff for all they did for me and making me feel like I was…

five stars Cortney H. BPRT Lake Patient

This place is amazing. The people are outstanding. I love the way they explain what to do and why and will remind you when you forget. They are kind and realize you may be hurting. They are always timely and friendly. I thank all of you.

five stars Patti B. BPRT Lake Patient

Best place ever. I had at least 4 separate injuries/surgeries where I needed therapy for my knee and back. Each time Tyler, Seth and crew got me back on track. You can’t beat their personal attention to your specific needs.

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