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Lower back pain is a common problem that has a variety of causes. Whatever the causes of back pain, physical therapy can be an excellent solution to regain strength and mobility while also reducing pain and healing injuries. Physical therapists create a personalized course of treatment that can greatly increase your quality of life. 

How Lower Back Pain Starts 

Lower back pain can start suddenly with injuries from lifting heavy objects or taking a fall that damages your spine. Sport injuries are often a common cause for lower back pain regardless of whether they were the result of a hit, a fall, or gradual strain on your body. Beyond injuries from rigorous physical activity, lower back pain can start from conditions that are slowly developed over time. These conditions can range from spinal osteoarthritis or gradual damage to vertebrae or discs. These discs can slowly lose hydration and break down or discs can even become herniated which can cause them to damage nerves and cause pain and swelling. Muscle sprains can cause pain in the lower back and vertebrae can even become fractured. Whatever the cause of lower back pain, it should always be treated seriously and receive medical care. 

Exercises and Treatments for Lower Back Pain 

An easy solution to back pain is simply moving. While it may be difficult to move very much and mobility may be decreased due to back pain, exercising and stretching is one of the best solutions for lower back pain. Physical therapy is one of the healthiest and most successful forms of treatment for nerve, muscle or spine injuries. With our experts to guide you through stretches and exercises like bridges, bird dogs, and pelvic tilts, a physical therapist can minimize your recovery time and make every day activities or sports pain free and easy. 

Find Solutions for Lower Back Pain 

At Baton Rouge Physical Therapy we provide a comfortable and supportive environment to help you discover healing for your lower back pain. Whatever the cause of your pain, we provide helpful solutions and rehabilitating therapy. Our dedicated team prioritizes your healing while giving you encouragement to recover from injuries. We provide knowledge and training so you know how to handle chronic conditions and prevent any possibility of reinjury. Baton Rouge Physical Therapy is the perfect place to find healing and rehabilitation for your lower back pain.

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My pain was so bad it was impacting my running and making my training very difficult and painful. With their help I was able to achieve my goal of qualifying for the Boston Marathon! I am so thankful to all the staff for all they did for me and making me feel like I was…

five stars Cortney H. BPRT Lake Patient

This place is amazing. The people are outstanding. I love the way they explain what to do and why and will remind you when you forget. They are kind and realize you may be hurting. They are always timely and friendly. I thank all of you.

five stars Patti B. BPRT Lake Patient

Best place ever. I had at least 4 separate injuries/surgeries where I needed therapy for my knee and back. Each time Tyler, Seth and crew got me back on track. You can’t beat their personal attention to your specific needs.

five stars Joe S. BPRT Lake Patient

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