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Uptown Climbing

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With cold, rainy weather driving everyone indoors, many of our patients are looking for a fun and challenging way to stay active.Consistent exercise has a myriad of health benefits including but not limited to maintaining muscle strength, improving flexibility, building cardiovascular endurance, and improving both short and long-term memory. Also, exercise is especially important this time of year because it helps combat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). SAD is a cause of depression that usually sets in during the Fall and Winter months and is commonly associated with a lack of neurotransmitters such as Vitamin D and Serotonin from a lack of time in sunlight. Exercise combats SAD by causing your body to naturally produce these same neurotransmitters.

One great option for exercise during these winter months is a relatively new climbing gym in town Uptown Climbing. Climbing is an excellent form of exercise because it challenges the entire body. Arm and grip strength are the obvious benefits; however, people often underestimate the amount of core and leg strength involved in the different forms of climbing, not to mention the muscular endurance required which helps build stamina! ​(fun fact:climbing can burn between 500-900 calories/hour depending on rest taken between routes)

Uptown Climbing offers a variety to styles of climbing including:

● Sport Climbing (top rope and lead climbing)

● Bouldering

● And more....

There are also different ways to get involved such as:

● Memberships

● Day Passes

● Fitness Classes

For more information check out their website at ​www.uptownclimbing.com​ or swing by their location on Coursey near Airline.

Daniel Herring, PT, DPT, SCS