Swimming Series: Shoulder Exercises for Swimming

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Swimming Series: Shoulder Exercises for Swimming

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Healthy shoulders are essential for swimmers to perform at their best and to prevent injury. Here are a few quality exercises targeting the scapular musculature to incorporate into your weekly exercise routine to ensure shoulder strength and stability for swimming.

Prone exercises: These can easily be performed at home on a stability ball or on the edge of a couch or bed.

  • Prone 90’s: Thisexercisetargets the middle trap and rhomboid muscles which pull the shoulder blades back.

Prone 120’s: This exercise targets lower trap to pull shoulder blades back and down.



Prone External Rotation: This exercise targets the posterior rotator cuff which plays an important role in stabilizing the shoulder joint during dynamic movements.



Serratus Wall Slides: This exercise targets the serratus anterior muscle which stabilizes the scapula with movement.



Plank Plus: This is a more advanced exercise targeting the serratus anterior muscle while also putting the shoulders in a weight bearing position, causing the deep stabilizer muscles to activate as well.