Occupational Therapy - Hand Therapy and a FOOSH

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Occupational Therapy - Hand Therapy and a FOOSH

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No, a FOOSH is not some new text slang the younger generation came up with or a new food item. A FOOSH means “fall on outstretched hand” and is most commonly related to distal radius fractures.  This type of fracture can involve one or both long forearm bones and more commonly seen in females over 65 (due to higher incidence of osteoporosis).  Trip and falls, skating accidents, and hoverboard accidents are a few causes associated with a FOOSH.

If you experience a FOOSH, evaluation by a hand surgeon is advised for application of a proper cast or surgical intervention if needed.  Following injury and/or surgery, pain, swelling, stiffness and limited function are common problems.  A referral to our OT/CHT can help with regaining finger and wrist range of motion, strength and functional use of the injured hand to return to living life to its fullest.

OT can include –

•             Evaluate and identify specific problem areas and your goals

•             Fabricate/fit with wrist orthosis for protection and continued healing of fracture

•             Instruct in exercises and stretches to help with mobility and strength to perform “occupations”

•             Instruct in modifications for activities and/or environments to allow for performing “occupations” with independence    

•             Provide manual treatment strategies to improve joint motion and reduce scar limitations


For specific questions regarding your wrist/hand injury, contact Debbie Bueche at the Shadows Lane office or Jane Couvillion at Gonzales office locations.  We can set up a screen with one of our OTs to help guide you on your road to recovery.

Debbie Bueche, LOTR, CHT, CLT