Occupational Therapy:Arthritis

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Occupational Therapy:Arthritis

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Do you have hand problems that limit your ability to perform your many daily occupations because of arthritis and aging hands?  Our OTs, who are Certified Hand Therapists,can help you meet your goals to return to living life to its fullest and learn strategies for making your hands last a lifetime.  


OT can help teach strategies for being a good arthritis self-manager including some of the following suggestions:

·        Learn and perform gentle exercise and stretches to loosen tight muscles and limber joints (blog idea – show finger/thumb stretches)

·        Learn efficient use of your muscles to help reduce the stress, pain and fatigue arthritis can cause

                  Distribute the load over stronger joints and/or larger surface areas

                  Use body leverage

                  Avoid prolonged hand postures holding portable devices

·        Learn to be more efficient and conserve your body energy

                  Plan activities

                  Organize items/equipment

                  Balance work with rest including pauses from repetitive tasks

·        Utilize items to help accomplish tasks with less effort

                  Enlarge handles to reduce stress on hand grip

                  Wheels and levers

                  Lightweight objects and use of convenience items


In addition to learning helpful strategies as noted above,OT can help provide recommendations and assistance with supportive hand devices when needed to perform “occupations” or provide support and rest.  


For specific questions regarding your hand/wrist problems,contact Debbie Bueche at Shadows Lane office or Jane Couvillion at Gonzales office locations.