How to Prevent a Fall

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How to Prevent a Fall

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How to Prevent a Fall?

Have you or a loved one fallen in the last year? Do you feel unsteady when walking around your home or the community? Try out these simple tips to help prevent falls from occurring.

1. Remove all Clutter - including boxes, cords, paper, rugs etc.

2. Be Physically Active - balance, strength, and coordination

3. Functional Footwear - closed toe shoes, non-skid, supportive shoes. Avoid high heels.

Other things to keep in mind:

1. Assess your home for hazards (small or large) 

2. Be mindful of steps, curbs, and other outdoor hazards around your home and in the community.

3. Make sure your hearing and eyesight are checked annually as any loss/change can contribute to falls.

4. Light up your homes - add a lamp or night lights throughout your home to prevent ambulating in dark areas.

Check out our previous posts for simple exercises to improve your balance!

If you would like help with your balance, please contact us here at our blog or call any of our seven clinics! We'd love to be an Active part in your care! 

Casey Brown, PT, DPT