High-Level Core

Are you looking for variety in your core exercise routine? Getting sick and tired of the same old planks?

Well look no further! Today we are going to talk about how to add some pizzazz to your core day utilizing our CoreStix.

We love a good two-for-one exercise at BRPT-Lake. Well when we do exercises on the CoreStix, it’s really like a five-for-one exercise. Not only do we work on your core muscles, but you can also work on your arm muscles, leg muscles, flexibility, and balance with some simple and fun exercises. Check these out!

Forward Drive:

  • How to Perform: Using glute of forward leg, drive opposite knee up and forward, staying on ball of forward foot. Feeling should be that of driving the body forward in space. Keep elbows bent and Stix close to your shoulders
  • What are we working: Glutes, Core & Abs, Triceps, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Chest

1 Leg Romanian Dead Lift:

  • How to perform: Stand on right foot, knee soft, hinge at hips maintaining neutral spine. Extend left leg behind. Perform the same on opposite side.
  • What are we working: Adductors, Glutes, Shoulders, Upper Back, Quads, Hamstrings, Calves, Biceps, Core

Side Plank Chest Fly:

  • Starting off: Side lying with left elbow off of the back of the board (adjust for height) feet stacked in front of the center Arc, lift hips until body is straight.
  • How to perform: Right hand on Stix, perform a chest fly with right hand while maintaining perfect posture in side plank. (Progression: Instead of a fly, perform a circle with right arm).
  • What are we working: Adductors, Glutes, Core, Shoulders, Upper Back, Biceps, Chest

For more questions on how to prevent injury, increase core strengthening, and provide variety to your exercise routine, come visit us at one of our seven locations!

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