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Ankle Stabilization

Today we are going to be talking about ways to increase stabilization to your ankle joint and fun ways to do this. These exercises are going to be great for those people with a history…

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Why Do I Hurt?

Here at Baton Rouge Physical Therapy-Lake, we see patients every day who are in chronic pain. Some of these patients have had pain for 6 months; some have had pain 10, 20, or even 30…

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How to Prevent a Fall

Have you or a loved one fallen in the last year? Do you feel unsteady when walking around your home or the community? Try out these simple tips to help prevent falls from occurring. Remove…

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Low Level Balance Exercises

This week we are talking about balance, and its importance in fall prevention as we age. Balance is made up of 3 main systems: our sensory system, our visual system, and our vestibular system or…

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Football Injury Prevention

You tore your ACL. The most dreaded words for any football player after a leg injury. ACL tears generally come with a 12-month rehab period and really a 2-year period before the athlete feels they…

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