What to Expect & FAQs

Therapy on your terms

At BRPT-Lake, we believe in providing personalized care that’s just that - personal. Our programs pinpoint your pain areas with treatment plans that are built for your specific needs. Each therapist and therapist assistant is highly-trained and works with you every step of the way toward a successful recovery.


What do I need to bring with me?

Please bring your:

  1. Picture ID
  2. Insurance card
  3. Prescription for therapy from your doctor (if you have one)
  4. Completed medical history form (link from email), or you may fill it out with the other necessary forms in the clinic at your initial evaluation.
  5. List of medications
  6. Any medical reports pertaining to your condition
  7. Method of payment


Who will manage my care?

You will be evaluated by your therapist, and he/she will also treat you during subsequent visits. We feel it is very important to develop a relationship with you to maintain continuity of care.


What happens during my first visit?

Your therapist will review your current status and discuss the following:

  • Chief complaints/problems
  • Medications, tests, and procedures related to your health.
  • Your medical history and complicating factors
  • Pain intensity, what aggravates and eases the problem
  • Functional limitations
  • Your goals for physical therapy

Then, your therapist will perform an objective evaluation using specialized tests and measures to identify and quantify your impairment. A plan will be developed with your input. Your therapy plan will include:

  • Goals of therapy
  • Frequency of treatment and duration of treatment needed to reach those goals
  • Types of procedures that may be used to achieve goals
  • After the evaluation, you may receive treatment during your initial evaluation appointment. This is often dependent on whether your insurance approves.


How long will my initial appointment last?

The average initial appointment lasts 60 – 90 minutes. Please arrive at least 15 minutes early to complete all patient forms.


Do you have a place where I can change into my therapy attire?

Yes, ask the front office staff and they will direct you to the appropriate room.


What do I wear to therapy?

Wear comfortable clothing that allows you to move freely, as you may be required to perform exercises. If the condition for which you are being treated involves a specific region of the body, it is preferred that this area be as accessible as possible. If you are currently using any assistive devices (walker, cane, crutches, orthotics), please bring them with you.


Will I understand my treatment plan?

Yes, communication is key to a successful outcome with your treatment. If you ever feel that you do not understand your treatment plan, or you have any suggestions, please address this with your therapist. Your therapy team should clearly explain:

  • The impairments that are affecting you
  • The procedures and exercises you will perform and why they are necessary to your recovery
  • The desired result when your therapy is complete
  • What you can do after the completion of therapy to maintain your functional gains


How long will subsequent therapy appointments last?

The average therapy visit lasts 60 – 90 minutes and is dependent on your treatment plan. Your therapist will discuss this with you after your evaluation.


Will I do the same treatment each visit?

Typically you will not. Your current performance and response to treatment will be assessed at each visit. Your therapist will ensure that you receive adjustments in your care to maximally benefit from each therapy session.


What can I do to maximize the speed and success of my recovery?

Attend your visits as scheduled. Missed visits prolong recovery time and impact the success of your therapy. Closely follow your therapist’s instructions related to activities to avoid. If you are given a home exercise program, ensure that you perform it as directed.


Will I get a home exercise program?

Not all patients require a home exercise program. However, if your therapist provides you with one, ensure that you follow it as directed.


Will my doctor be informed of what’s going on?

Yes, if a physician referred you for therapy, we will send the initial evaluation, as well as periodic progress reports as your plan of care progresses. We will also notify your physician of any unexpected findings. We value the importance of a team approach and are committed to timely and clear communication with your referring physician.


What happens if my problem or pain returns?

Flare ups are not uncommon. If you have a flare up (exacerbation), give us a call. We may suggest you come back to see us for a free screen to determine if therapy will be beneficial, if you should return to your doctor, or simply modify your daily activities.


What is your notice of privacy practices?

Our privacy policy can be read here: Notice of Privacy Practices